Hyades Mountain Resort
Trikala Korinthias

Hyades Mountain Resort is located on the edge of the lower district of Trikala Corinthias at an altitude of 1100 meters. With spectacular views of the Corinthian Gulf and on steep slopes of Mount Ziria spread out seven Finnish chalets among herbs and trees.

Just a one and a half hour from the hustle of Athens, a half-hour from the seaside Xylokastro and within walking distance of the sports-ski center of Zireia, offers the luxury of serenity that generously gives us the Greek nature of all the four seasons.

Made entirely from natural materials, Finnish wood and stone consist of ten independent houses offering visitors a unique feeling of warmth and independence. Visitors can enjoy relaxing in the communal bbq house and the comfortable lobby.

Experience the culture of the Hyades Mountain Resort and the attention to detail that makes it so special and alluring. Escape, relax, have fun, and listen to the sounds of nature you’ve forgotten from your childhood or have never heard until now!

Travel Safe – Stay Safe!

Why to choose Trikala? 

– Easy, quick, and economy access with your private vehicle.

Why us? 

–  The chalets are private and located in distance  

– Breakfast is provided in the chalet to avoid any contacts.  

– Housekeeping & disinfection services provided in certain hours.  

– Choice of self check-in.

Cleaning Disinfection
Before Check – in


Housekeeping Service

Self Check-in