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Hyas Residence is a newly-built residence inspired by the Austrian traditional houses where stone and wood combined in perfect harmony in the heart of the Lower Quarter of Trikala, Corinthia (Kato Sinikia Trikalon). The house is divided into two sections, a two-storey marionette of 100 m2 and a 65 m2 house. The two sections have access to a large open barbecue with a traditional stone oven and a large table of monastery type. The spaces cover a surface of more than 320 m2 with stunning views of the Corinthian Gulf and Ziria Mountain, so that the comfort, tradition and elegance are the keywords. Woods for the fireplace are available for our guests, as both houses have excellent fireplaces for the cold winter nights! For those who love cooking, fully equipped kitchens are ready to welcome you. The central square of the village, decorated with the eternal plane tree and the church, the taverns, the cafes and the mini market are all within walking distance.

Hyas Residence 1 features three uniquely decorated rooms with European Queen Size beds, combining the traditional home with the modern decoration. The living area on the first floor with large Austrian windows and magnificent view offers to our guests a feeling of warmth and tranquility. The accommodation is ideal for families or groups of up to 7 people.

Hyas Residence 2 is located on the ground floor with full autonomy. Decorating with old objects, known as “grandmother’s things,” will take you to another era and will definitely give you subject of discussion. The house has two bedrooms with European Queen Size beds and can accommodate up to 4 people.