The Hyades Mountain Resort offers :

  • Room with a library, table toys, skis, bikes, ping pong, local products and basic necessities for the kitchen and the bar.
  • Electric vehicle charging station
  • Kitchen & wardrobe with washing and dry machine.
  • Internal roads with cobblestones and recreation headwaters of eight stone, benches and tables outdoors.
  • Garden with different herbs from all over Greece, firs, pines, roses and places organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Workshop maintenance & restoration of old items.
  • Welding in case of power failure.
  • Machine wash & car accessories.
  • Helicopter transfer to and from the resort and further routes after consultation.
  • Outdoors activities in the mountains with jeep after consultation.
  • Playground and court for basketball, football, volleyball and tennis.
  • Farm with animals, horses, wild pigs, chickens, goats, deers, peacocks and gooses.
  • Covered and heated dining room with music and barbeque option.